Importing Samples

How do I enable sample import?

Before you can import samples you need to have an active subscription (or free trial) and enable iCloud. To enable iCloud, goto your project list and tap "Enable iCloud".

Where can I find my imported samples?

In the sample browser there is a pack called "iCloud" that will list any WAV files that you copy to the iCloud folder Auxy/Samples. To open the sample browser, open the drum loop editor and tap one of the sample slots. If the slot is empty, you will see the browser. If there is already a sample loaded, you need to tap the sample name above the tweak panel.

How do I import samples?

To import samples from an iOS app, use the “open in” or “copy to” actions and select either Auxy or the Files app as the target. If you select Auxy as the target, it will add the file to the Samples folder automatically. If you select Files, you have to locate the Samples folder. If you’re using a Mac, you can copy WAV files to the Samples folder in iCloud Drive.

How can I record my own samples?

You can record your own samples on your iOS device using a third-party app and then import them to Auxy. There are many recording apps available in the App Store.

Which audio formats does Auxy support?

Your samples have to be uncompressed WAV files. The max length is 10 seconds, regardless of the sample and bit rate. Note that some audio recorders and messaging apps will automatically compress WAV files to AAC or MP3, and those files cannot be imported.

How can I sort my samples?

You can arrange your samples into sub folders, which allows you to sort them into different groups and sub categories. For example, putting a sample in “Auxy/Samples/HipHop/Kicks” will show the sample in the group “HipHop” and sub category “Kick”.

Note that adding multiple folder levels will not generate any additional sorting, i.e. “Auxy/Samples/HipHop/Kicks” will generate the same sorting as “Auxy/Samples/HipHop/808/Kicks”

How do I share projects with imported samples?

When you share a project that uses imported samples, the samples will not be included in the project file. Each drum kits will have references to each sample but you have to share all the imported samples separately and make sure that the person who open the project have them in his/her Samples folder. If the included samples are not added with the same name and folder structure, you will have an option to relocate the samples manually.

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