Samples Help

How to Open the Sample Browser

Open the loop editor and tap one of the sample slots above the grid. If the slot is empty, the sample browser will open right away. If there is a sample loaded in the slot, you will see the sample tweaks before you can tap the sample title to open the sample browser.

Importing Your Own Samples

In the sample browser you have a folder called "Imported" where you can arrange your imported samples into groups. You can import samples by either tapping the "Import Samples" button to open the file browser, or send files from any other app using the "Open in Auxy" action.

Supported File Types

You can import WAV or FLAC files. The max length is 20 seconds, regardless of the sample and bit rate. Auxy will convert all samples to FLAC before storing them in the app.

Recording Samples

You cannot record audio in Auxy, but you can use any third-party app to record samples and then import them to Auxy. Note that some apps will automatically compress recorded audito to AAC or MP3, and these formats are currently not supported.

Sharing a Project with Imported Samples

When you share a project via link or as an exported file, any imported samples will be included with the project. When you open a project that includes samples, the samples will be stored in the app but they will not be visible in the browser. The idea is that you should be able to share projects with your samples, without explicitly letting other people add your samples to their libraries.

Exporting Samples

You can export any sample, sample group, or all your imported samples from the browser. This is helpful if you want to e.g. share a sample group with a collaborator, or export all your samples to make a backup or move them to another device.

Removing Samples from the Library

You can swipe left on any sample or sample group to remove it. Note that samples you have removed will be deleted from your device once there are no projects using them. Thus you can remove samples from the library without removing them from your projects.

Using iCloud to Browse Samples

If you have iCloud enabled, you can add samples to "iCloud/Auxy/Samples" and any additional subfolders. The iCloud files will be accessible in the sample browser. Note that any iCloud sample that you use in a project will be stored in the app and added to the "From iCloud" group in the "Imported" samples folder. Thus you can freely remove or rearrange your iCloud library without removing the samples that are used in projects. Be careful not to rearrange your iCloud library in case you have old projects that still reference iCloud samples though!

Contact Support

If you have any questions, please contact support and we will get back to you as soon as we can.